The so-called "DOMES" are used as accommodations for glamping, i.e. luxury camping.

Glamping domes combine comfort and luxury with the camping experience, providing a unique and luxurious accommodation option in natural surroundings. These structures are made of special materials that provide thermal insulation and resistance to the elements.

Also, they have complete facilities such as beds, bathroom, kitchen and other amenities that make the stay comfortable and luxurious. The fact that they have a domed shape offers a unique aesthetic and usually allows a spectacular view of the surroundings.

Domes are proof that achieving the best results is often achieved by using fewer resources. A Dome combines high capacity within a minimal space, saving materials.

These structures operate autonomously, allowing the natural circulation of air and energy, creating natural sources of heat and cooling. Their geometry allows the free flow of atmospheric air with minimal energy consumption. Our Domes are portable with easy assembly, while they are easy to pack and transport. The company has specialized staff in the sales, design and manufacturing departments, with the aim of adapting the product to each individual need.