The "ΜΠΕΛΕΝΙΩΤΗΣ" technical office started operating in 1979 under the responsibility of Iraklis Beleniotis and the first projects it carried out mainly concerned mechanical works (hydraulic-electrical installations, air conditioning, fire safety, swimming pool construction) until 1996 were taking into account the requirements of our customers and following the needs of the time, we decided to completely redefine our object  reorganizing and expanding the scope of our services.

We created direct partnerships within the company with Civil Engineers - Mechanical Engineers by entering the market of integrated construction of houses, shops, hotels (from renovations, maintenance from construction to complete construction of a project).

In 2007, Mr. Iraklis Beleniotis retired and Mr. Petros Beleniotis took over the reins of the business, continuing the development at even higher levels. 

In 2014, the company was renamed to BSbB, now undertaking, in addition to Concrete, Composite and Precast constructions, you will find constructions such as the so-called Domes, Panel container houses, constructions  that offer even the best  customer needs either for professional or private use. Moments of relaxation in a pleasant environment by making it with the most specialized materials. It has high safety standards combined with your functionality and aesthetics. Building Solutions by Beleniotis, an engineering and construction company, has its starting point in Crete with projects all over Greece.