Net Metering

The Net Metering service offers a modern and sustainable solution for energy production and management, reversing the way we perceive energy consumption.

As part of the Net Metering service, our company, Bsbb, enables you to generate your own electricity and benefit from the surplus value you generate. Through Net Metering, we install modern photovoltaic systems on your premises, which generate electricity from the sun. This energy is used at the point of consumption, while any excess is deposited into the energy grid. During periods of low consumption, you can draw energy from the grid, while during periods of high production, excess energy is not used immediately, but is fed back into the grid. The Net Metering mechanism enables you to save money, contribute to the protection of the environment and enjoy your independence from traditional energy sources. By choosing Net Metering with Bsbb, you are investing in a sustainable and efficient energy solution for the future.